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We provide gourmet catering for all occassions. Food from our chefs having experience of their life time will keep the tastes lingering in your mind forever.
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List your catering needs in order for a caterer to provide an accurate estimate for your party or event, you must communicate your needs clearly. Do you have a location for your party/event reserved and is there a kitchen on site? How many guests are coming to your event? Take into consideration that some of your guests may have special dietary needs and be certain to communicate this with your caterer.
Vivahaa Catering, Chennai, is committed to hiring the best talents in catering industry and developing them into passionate professionals. Our team at Vivahaa Catering, Chennai, is fired by an unimaginable passion for work and is intensively trained.


We assure you of our best services to our fullest ability in making the function a grand success.


Has a venue been booked for your event and is there a kitchen available? Approximately how many guests will be attending the event? Be sure to communicate with your caterer any special dietary requirements some of your guests may have.

Chennai-based Vivehaa Catering is dedicated to hiring and developing the most talented in the catering industry. With an unimaginable passion for work, Vivahaa Catering's team in Chennai is intensively trained and fueled by passion.

Best Wedding Caterers in Chennai

As a leading pure veg catering company, we specialize in providing the highest standards of pure veg catering for all kinds of weddings and events. We are known for our excellent service, wonderful cuisine, and thoughtful planning, we add some spice to every celebration and make it a cause for celebration. I am pleased to announce that our company is now available in Germany.

Brahmin Caterers in Chennai

We at Vivahaa Brahmin caterers bring you the finest vegetarian dishes from all cuisines, tailored to fit your event, taste, and budget. We take the extra mile to ensure that you can enjoy your special moments in all their glory. We allow you to relax while we take care of your food concerns. We can't wait to celebrate your special day with you.